Black Kollar Stops By #ChiTownUrbanRadio

From the initial view of Black Kollar you would see a upbeat, fly, and happy African American man. While listening to his tape “Neva Would’ve Made It” he gives you a mini insight to his lifestyle, and how he came up from the trenches in the south side of Chicago. Surrounded by death having to choose a lifestyle at age thirteen while questioning how this is God's plan. In this tape he channels his life experiences to create a tale that explains how he never would of made it without the things he experiences. In his sit down interview with us he says that without his life, and having eight years to reflect in the pen with nothing but power, spirituality, and a push from his cellmate that he never would have made it.

We get to see the that Black Kollar is a open minded individual who stay to himself and passes judgement on no one who is expressing themselves creatively, openly, or honestly. He also takes time to explain the creation of his name. Instead of working in the white or blue collar world, he creates his own lane of hustle that reminds the world that you have to get it how you live in order to survive.Giving you his creative vibe, he talks about his lifestyle consisting of: money, staying in the latest fashion, the street life, and the support from his team. With a variety of songs ranging from: feel good “I'm gucci”, to turn up and twerking “Take it off”, slow jams “Let me show you”, and real life music “Neva would made it & In the way”. Go check out his mixtape on Indy Live.

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