"Get to know Young Chitown"

Young Chitown has a great, open, goofy, and welcoming presence to all whom he encounters. While still remaining true to himself and his origins of how he started in music from family influence, and lunchroom beat boxing on the tables. He’s now a well rounded individual who loves technology, music, the hustle of branding himself to enhance his career, and doing things for himself. With catchy hits and a great stage presence that can turn the night around, he gets the crowd hype while also engaging them. His natural presence is a head turner, and makes you want to know who he is. Not afraid of being himself, and saying how he feels during his interview with us he openly states that he feels this music game is over saturated. He goes on to say that feel that way because majority of artist do not take the time to invest in themselves and their brand.

They go to perform then leave immediately after, not stopping to network which is key. He makes the great points that you: never know who is in the room, who you can meet, what resources they have, who wants to meet you, or possibly work with in the future. Young Chitown sets a great example for upcoming artist by the way that he has branded himself by being not only an artist , but also a: graphic designer for mixtape covers and regular graphics, video director, videographer, mixtape host, a mtm dj, managing the turn up djs, and business owner of YCFilmz. In multiple interviews he often reminds artists of the things that they need to do become successful and established while working on budget. Be sure to watch the interviews for tips,and google him to hear his music, get in contact with him, or request services. He’s a rising star that you all should watch for !

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