Dallas Artist Epiphane Drops New Song & Visual


In My Bag

In her song she talks about how to stay up or losing it. “I don’t think, if I want it—I get everything I think, I think that I’ve did it”. The fun, warm, ascetically pleasing video lets you know that Epiphane is in her bag. Staying up is a aura that you embody in your daily routine. It’s the grind you put forth every day you wake up. If you’re not in your bag you’re: waking up running from life, broke, with doubt & insecurity in your heart-masking it with alcohol & other drugs. She starts her video out with a monologue that states “There is no artist better than you, get in your bag” to drive the theme of her song home! In her second verse she spews the hardest bars filled with self-love, self-efficacy, and motivation. “Nxggas blind but they still going to witness the body of work from the ink I’ve been spitting.” That lets you further know that she is ready to conquer the music world with her lyrics and hard work.

Be on the lookout for this single on all streaming platform.

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