DJ 2times A Raising Upcoming Star

Dj 2Times Chicago Fleet DJ Person Dj for Hire Flyer Designer

He is currently a Senior in HS, interning, working, and preparing to go to the army after graduation. His hobby of djing has turned into a business. 2Times picked up his first mini turntable in fifth grade, and now at the age of eighteen is a personal DJ for three different

entities, and apart of the Fleet DJs.

Came from nothing but made something always, changing his life around at a young age so he can see and have a successful future. The love for music comes from his church background and his older brother. He started out making songs with SoundCloud beats with the phone in bowls for better sounds to record his EP “Hollywood” for his late brother. Interest in music ranges from niche and battle rap too old school house music. He mixes a versatile array of music together to keep all ages intrigued. 2Times promotes putting the guns

down and dancing it out instead.

So much so that he has worked events such as clubs, college parties, wopathons, juke parties, and 70s parties. In the future, he wants to Dj for one of the jam music festivals in Chicago (e.g.

big jam, summer jam), and to travel to other states to DJ. You can catch his mixes on Straight Official Radio at 3 pm.

Be sure to check out the mixtape he hosts with Storm Radio called the “Artist Takeover”. If you are interested in being featured contact him via email or social media. This is something that he

will be continuing to do to allow artist exposure and to network with talent.

Be on the lookout for the Fleet DJs Rising Star! Booking and Inquiry email -

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