Disconnect x WORLDW1D3G!FT

In his latest single WORLDW1D3G!FT tells us exactly how he feels about himself and the things experienced “Sometimes I feel like I'm an alien, they tried to keep me subterranean”. Although he feels extra terrestrialish he channels that energy by making music & helping others in their journey through artistry.

In this hot new single from the album Miah Messiah we learn that WORLDW1D3G!FT will not take disrespect nor will play with life, because although feelings of disconnect are there he still knows that life is precious “all the tough men are gone now”. When talking with Chi Town Urban Radio and in his track Disconnect he states that sometimes it’s best to be gone from the scene unless money is involved so you’re not clowned. Turning you into an unnecessarily tough guy, leaving you in need of an escape.

“When putting on for the net or a cause you’re not confident, but still told that you’re happy with yourself”. WORLDW1D3G!FT personally states “I wanna encourage people who grew up in an environment that they are not used to or alike at all to keep going!” So try it, and be sure to tune into the wave! All clothing in the video was provided by @sydbrisco on instagram Check this single out on all streaming platforms ! Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/1worldw1d3/ Youtube - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uUSD2kj69gI&ab_channel=YellowVaultProductions Audiomack - https://audiomack.com/worldw1d3gft/album/nitro-worldw1d3-miah-messiah

Wrote By Shayla Marie

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